Why Afterbook?

Afterbook was conceived and created as a home to celebrate the lives of those we love. When she was 19 years old, our founder, Jess Dornan Lynas lost her Mum, Lorna, to pancreatic cancer. Jess has spent the 20 years since, yearning for a means to remember her mum better and ways to really celebrate her life. When able, Jess visits Lorna's grave with her children. It is a nostalgic and cathartic experience for them all. But it struck Jess whilst looking at her Mum's headstone, which reads 1948-1998 that it is the dash between those dates which barely hints at her amazing life and all its stories. Jess has realised that this is all part of the grieving process which is ongoing throughout one's life. This remembering and celebrating life is incredibly important and can offer real catharsis. Thus Afterbook has been born to digitally assist the process. Through joy and in loss, it is an evergreen way to honour a life now and in the future and for generations to come.

We believe that every life deserves a legacy, a means to capture the moments and the memories to share or to enjoy in solitude. Imagine a digital version of the shoebox of photos, the scrapbook of travel tales and the handwritten diaries and letters of life, Afterbook becomes a beautiful digital sanctuary for these keepsakes of life and of past generations.  

Our mission is to help you to find your own path to commemorate a life, whether through the catharsis of journaling memories and images that bring you joy, writing chapters of a life story or lighting a candle to show your support. We are a home for your life story and those otherwise lost.