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Championing the stories of individuals over the age of 70 and changing the perceptions about growing older, what a wonderful mission. Pour yourself a coffee and immerse yourself in stories that wonderfully profile life: everyday, special, normal, remarkable life.

Bolder is a memory box of stories, capturing the moments that otherwise might be lost from inspiring, creative individuals. Profiling stories through the constancy of ageing, whether an 85 year old who still swims a mile in the Med every day or one interviewee who fell in love and married at 82, we cannot get enough of the memoirs profiled on this stylish, story-rich site. 

Launched in 2015 with the mission to change perceptions about growing older, Bolder is run by friends and former colleagues Dominique Afacan and Helen Cathcart, a writer and photographer respectively. 

“We started Bolder because, whisper it, we were scared of getting old. Such a cliché, but there you have it. Old age to us was an unhappy place, mostly filled with loneliness, rocking chairs and possibly some tea and biscuits, if we were lucky.

Both in our mid thirties, our lives were vibrant, energetic, filled with travel, friends, new experiences, love and liveliness. When was old age going to knock on the door and tell us the fun was over? About 70, we reckoned, and together, we set about finding people in that bracket who made old age look more appealing. Bolder was born.

Pretty soon, we realised there is never a knock on the door. Old age doesn’t just ‘happen’ one day. Ageing is a constant for all of us, every minute, every hour, every day. And…gasp, it can be fun. The deadline on our happiness, we now realise, is an illusion.  That’s what Bolder is about, and that’s why we launched it. We champion people over the age of 70 who are still creating, inspiring or working. We want to change perceptions about growing older."

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