Is Social Media a help or a hindrance in times of grief?

Can the existence of social media truly represent a useful crutch in times of personal grief? Or is there a better way to share and celebrate life in a safer environment? 

There’s certainly personal catharsis in public displays of grief— “a validation in being exposed to people with similar problems,” according to Brandon Stanton the writer-photographer behind Humans of New York

After losing her father, Kate Branch considers whether the existence of social media can be a useful crutch. What do you think?

We're in two minds, yes, it can be a hugely vital resource, a shoulder in times of solitude, a reality check in times of overwhelming grief. But it does come with thorns. If used disrespectfully, callously or thoughtlessly. The problem is that we're too immersed into social media to imagine life without it. So what is the solution?

Our hope is that represents a safe, secure home to share the life stories and memorable moments of the ones you have loved and perhaps lost, without the thorns. To share with trusted loved ones. To memorialise the vital memories in a way you can protect and cherish.

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How I Learned To Grieve The Loss of My Dad in the Age of Instagram  

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