Afterbook is a shared vision between father and daughter to create a celebration of life, a beautiful tribute to the extraordinary ordinary in all of us and a healthy catharsis for grief.

Jessica Dornan Lynas CEO/ Co-Founder

Losing her beloved mother as a teenager, Afterbook’s founder Jess has spent years searching for a fitting way to remember her better. To celebrate her mother’s life and to share her own memories with those of loved ones and friends.   At the time, Jess found that there were no means for her to meet others in her shoes, to deal with her loss in a cathartic and positive way and ultimately, some 19 years later, has created Afterbook as a platform to answer all those needs.  

A creative, a doer of things, and someone who finds joy in travel, in food, in art and in her friends and young family, Jess and her father Jim share their vision to create a holistic and healthy celebration of life and acknowledgement of loss.

Jim Dornan President/ Co-Founder

Jim has 40 years of experience in addressing perinatal grief as an Obstetrician Gynaecologist. He has been at the coalface of helping women and families to deal with loss throughout his career and has an innate understanding of this area. His experiences have fuelled his determination to offer digital celebratory legacies to the everyman.

An ideas man, a blue-sky thinker and a lover of problem-solving, Jim has an incredible zest for life and a clear vision of living it to its fullest. Experiencing the loss of both his father too young and his late wife, Lorna, Jim truly understands just how vital and precious each day is.